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3. Seek transparency.

You should know what work is being done on your site and who will be working on your campaign. When you interview SEO agencies, consider asking questions like:

• How much communication can I expect to have?

• What information will the agency share?

• What is your SEO strategy?

• Is your team staying up on trends?

• How much experience do you have IDN Slot working with clients in similar industries?

4. Know who you’re working with.

It’s not uncommon for marketing agencies to outsource tasks like SEO to outside partners. This is not a bad thing, Nor does it indicate you’ll get poor service or less than ideal results. But, it is important to know who exactly you’ll be working with.

Find out if your campaign will be handled by an in-house SEO team and ask if you will be assigned a lead strategist. Likewise, find out if you’ll be working with an account manager who will handle the communication between you and your SEO team.

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